At SquishyTanks our aquarium is a unique, exciting, and interactive learning tool to have in your classroom. We love working with children and donate our tanks all the time for both elementary schools and autistic learning centers. Our jellyfish tanks provide “hands-on” learning opportunities in all major science genera, including Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Ecology. Both beginning and advanced science topics may be demonstrated with these tanks, providing an instant lab setting in classrooms from kindergarten to University level. 

We’ve finally worked up a learning packet with the help of a certain teacher who asked not to be named as of yet. This packet if a joint effort and can be enjoyed by the enter classroom! To download our Free packet click here: SquishyLearning

The packet covers a lot including:


  • introduction to taxonomic classifications
  • reproductive methods
    • sexual vs. asexual
  • organismal secretion
    • urea, uric acid, or ammonia
  • feeding and metabolism
    • can easily view inside jellies
  • introduce important marine biology factors
    • such as plankton and ocean invertebrates
  • oxygen uptake
    • respiration (humans) vs. diffusion (jellyfish) vs. photosynthesis (algae in tank)


  • pH
  • ammonia
  • nitrite
  • nitrate
  • phosphate
  • salinity
  • effects of temperature on water chemistry
  • effects of bio-load on chemistry 
  • water chemistry (can be tracked & graphed)


  • buoyancy
  • hydrodynamics
  • light and light refraction
  • calculate water volume and weight
  • calculate water cooling and heating
  • motion, kinetics, and dynamics


  • habitats
  • food chains
  • organism interactions
  • differences between life at sea and on land
  • differences between various forms of sea life


  • jellyfish and other animal anatomy
  • differences between jellyfish and fish
  • organism body structure and physiological features
    • marine vs. terrestrial

Other Benefits

  • teaches responsibility
  • inspires wonder and curiosity
  • encourages critical thinking
  • extremely unique and “hands-on” learning tool
  • develops problem solving skills
  • applies MATH skills – Wonderful!!